Sunday, October 19, 2008

Self- reliance

We are metamorphose created and to live with someone. We are expected to do what is right in the society expected to blend in the crowd of anonimity. For what is the sole purpose of this? to gain balance in the world of men? A balance which bads to the conformity of every individual, hence, where is now the individuality of every man? but it only resides in the ideal concept's of man's heart. The human person is to be happy and a free being; expressing himself in his own way and deeds, but what the society dictates to us is to trash all these important desire that we have.

Self-reliance, a God-given gift ; serves as impetus to believe in ourselves. It is trusting our instincts and intuitions. Man as a product of change must build with in himself confidence and take risks. We sometimes feel an outcast, like round pegs on square holes. There's nothing wrong with it, however, as social beings we wanted to belong, to feel in touch with people, cliquer became our comfort zones, we tried to cling on to something for support. It is unknown for us that the eal strenght comes from with in. I have to be true; to do what gives me happiness the most. rules, norms , fads and trends, they are all but a nuisance to my self-exploration. conversation thwarts my way to the truth about my person. Therefore, I have to transcend with what is expected from me.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Point of oblivion,
Imprisoned by solitude,
With greatest turmoil


Calling from above,


Passion to one's faith

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Astonishing T'nalak Festival

festival promotes a great array of culture which serves as the emblem of South Cotabato. It manifests the way of living , traditions, and beliefs that are incomparable to its neighboring provinces. the celebration gives joy to all South Cotabatanos amidst the crisis that people are facing all at this moment. T'nalak festival is a week-long celebration of bewildering activities including the repertoire of talents and beauties with their fabulous apparel and gowns. Showcasing the different flashing of fireworks; breath-taking in that everybody was astonished with.

T'nalak festival aims to give thanks for the progressive development of this province and reap the fruit of success owing to a unified people of South Cotabato.